Roof Angels of the East Anglian Churches

a Visitor's Handbook and Guide

by Dana Bentley-Cranch and Rosalind K Marshall

All Saints, Necton, Norfolk

St Mary, Buckden, Cambridgeshire

All Saints, Tilney, Norfolk

"He rode upon the cherubims and did fly; He came flying upon wings of the wind"

This guide tells you about these fascinating religious carvings, found in the great churches of East Anglia, in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

No visit to East Anglia is complete without visiting the magnificent medieval churches that enhance the landscape and enrich the soul. Within them you will find a direct link to Byzantium and the distant origins of our faith, the carved Angels that grace the great roofs of these places of worship. We tell you how the Angels were made, what they may have meant to the Medieval Christian, how they escaped institutional attempts to destroy them, and where you can see them now. We show many of them, as they are today, in our photographs.

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Holy Trinity, Blythborough, Suffolk

St Mary, Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire

St Peter, Ringland, Norfolk

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